Monday, 16 February 2009


I recently took a workshop to learn how to sew a pillowcase at The Make Lounge - a cool craft centre for busy urbanites near Highbury & Islington. I really struggled because I had never used a sewing machine. You mean there's more to it then pressing a pedal? Hotdamn! My pillowcase turned out alright though-- it's square.

The Make Lounge offers other fun workshops on e.g. how to sew handbags, make necklaces, soaps and books and loads more. I highly recommend them for a creative weekend or evening away from the stresses of the workplace and home. They provide tools and materials and the other essentials: tea and biscuits. The instructors are very knowledgeable and you get to meet other enthusiastic crafty folk.

After my workshop I phoned my friend and fellow blogger Allison of LivingSmall because she's very crafty and of all my friends I knew she'd be the only one who would respond to this minuscule news with a genuine and enthusiastic 'cool!' Thanks Alison! Check out her blog y'all -- it's tops!

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