Saturday, 16 May 2009

Another Top, 4 only

Minus one because blogspot keeps messing up my formatting. I'm seriously thinking of moving to wordpress. 

1. Les deux oiseaux have different taste in musique, but they both agree that Stereo Total are fantastique! 
2. My only form of exercise: swimming. Now that I'm over my fear of 
deep water I actually enjoy swimming. I'd prefer the Mediterranean 
over the pool though...
3. Muji. I don't know what it is about this chain store that makes me feel at ease about shopping. Maybe it's the colour scheme, the tidy displays, or the simplicity of all the designs. Whatever it is, shopping at Muji is a dream compared to say, Walmart--ugh!--or even Ikea, double ugh! 

4. Flower Garden at Kenwood House. Check out these massive rhododendrons! The best thing is, they're just a five minute bus ride away from our pad. 

Monday, 4 May 2009

Top 5

I'm going to try a Top 5 list because I want to & I can't think of anything else to blog about that wouldn't end up a long rant--babies, yuck!--or a sappy love letter--my husband is so dreamy!

Kissley's Top 5 list of good things (better title laterz, maybe):

Wendy & Lucy
Short & sweet & filmed in Oregon. I heart the west coast, Honda Accords & cute doggies,
(I miss you, Maggie).
The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For
by Allison Bechdel
THE BEST compilation ever! And a good lesson in radical lesbian politics. Plus, it's laugh out loud hilarious--my stomach is still recovering.

It's free! I'm listening to a bit of old school Nas at the moment.
(Thanks for the recommendation Isaac!)

Daunt Books, Marylebone High Street
I bought the next Punk Rock Book Club book here. This is the kind of shop where the workers talk to you intelligently about books. Borders really sucks compared to Daunt.

3-day weekends.
This year we have 2 bank holidays in May and this first one was bliss!