Sunday, 26 July 2009


we went on holiday to the southeast coast of spain. 

never in my life have i had such an adventure. one minute we were swimming in the mediterranean and drinking jasmine orange juice, the next minute we were escaping a huge fire in the hills of the town of mojacar where we were staying. 

tons of holiday makers were evacuated to the next town. we ran away even further to a city called almeria. after a good night's rest, we went to 'la alcazaba', a beautiful islamic/christian fortress overlooking the city. then we went back to mojacar as the fire was put out. we ended the holiday with a swim in the sea and a healthy dose of sunbathing. 

there was lots more drama in between but i'll spare you the details. the husband took these pictures from the iphone. i'll post some lomo pictures later if my film wasn't destroyed in the over 100 degree weather.

mojacar, spain on fire. we smelled like b-b-q all day.

the aftermath.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

les deux oiseaux celebrate anniversaire de mariage

three years ago. dana passage olympia, washington.