Monday, 16 February 2009


I recently took a workshop to learn how to sew a pillowcase at The Make Lounge - a cool craft centre for busy urbanites near Highbury & Islington. I really struggled because I had never used a sewing machine. You mean there's more to it then pressing a pedal? Hotdamn! My pillowcase turned out alright though-- it's square.

The Make Lounge offers other fun workshops on e.g. how to sew handbags, make necklaces, soaps and books and loads more. I highly recommend them for a creative weekend or evening away from the stresses of the workplace and home. They provide tools and materials and the other essentials: tea and biscuits. The instructors are very knowledgeable and you get to meet other enthusiastic crafty folk.

After my workshop I phoned my friend and fellow blogger Allison of LivingSmall because she's very crafty and of all my friends I knew she'd be the only one who would respond to this minuscule news with a genuine and enthusiastic 'cool!' Thanks Alison! Check out her blog y'all -- it's tops!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Favorites: Comics & Adrian Tomine

At Evergreen my classmates introduced me to some amazing comic artists (David B., Daniel Clowes, Craig Thompson, etc.) and since then I've been really into comics & graphic novels. Adrian Tomine is one of my favorite comics artist. I dig his clean pen style and poignant stories. I met him the other day at my favorite comic book shop in London, Gosh! Comics. I'm just full of favorites, huh? Well, one day I'll list all the things that aren't my favorite--like cabbage and stretching. Anyway, we had a nice chat while he signed my copy of Summer Blonde. It was really neat seeing him draw. I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler. 

Like a groupie, I went to see him again later that evening at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA). He was interviewed by author Toby Litt whom I didn't know before but who I will definitely read and see again because he was damn funny and really clever. I've been to a lot of author Q & As and the audience always ask very personal questions or questions about voice and style which are impossible topics to discuss or they ask 'so how do you write? do ideas just come to you?' I mean, really folks!  This event was no exception and I was almost embarrassed for some of the people because Toby kind of made fun of them. I wanted to ask them both what they had for breakfast but that's just stupid, innit? Some things you should just keep to yourself. But if you must know, I had a banana and a latte this morning.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowy London

It's snowing in London and -- just like in Seattle -- the city has ground to a halt. The Guardian reported one in five people did not make it to work. Hardly any buses or overland trains are running and the tube is a mess. It's supposed to go on all week and maybe we'll even experience some exciting blizzards. As if the British don't talk about weather enough... Friends and family who've lived here for a while have said they haven't seen snow like this in decades. We made a snowman in our back garden, but I can't find the cord to upload my digitals so I took these photos off the Guardian website so you can see that I'm forreals!