Friday, 6 February 2009

Favorites: Comics & Adrian Tomine

At Evergreen my classmates introduced me to some amazing comic artists (David B., Daniel Clowes, Craig Thompson, etc.) and since then I've been really into comics & graphic novels. Adrian Tomine is one of my favorite comics artist. I dig his clean pen style and poignant stories. I met him the other day at my favorite comic book shop in London, Gosh! Comics. I'm just full of favorites, huh? Well, one day I'll list all the things that aren't my favorite--like cabbage and stretching. Anyway, we had a nice chat while he signed my copy of Summer Blonde. It was really neat seeing him draw. I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler. 

Like a groupie, I went to see him again later that evening at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA). He was interviewed by author Toby Litt whom I didn't know before but who I will definitely read and see again because he was damn funny and really clever. I've been to a lot of author Q & As and the audience always ask very personal questions or questions about voice and style which are impossible topics to discuss or they ask 'so how do you write? do ideas just come to you?' I mean, really folks!  This event was no exception and I was almost embarrassed for some of the people because Toby kind of made fun of them. I wanted to ask them both what they had for breakfast but that's just stupid, innit? Some things you should just keep to yourself. But if you must know, I had a banana and a latte this morning.

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