Sunday, 30 August 2009

the world is my oyster... and chicken?

i went to marylebone farmers market this morning to visit the mushroom man (no, not those mushrooms, these mushrooms!) in addition to regular oyster mushrooms, today he also had pink oyster mushrooms. they looked very pretty. so i bought some. and in addition to those he had this massive mushroom called chicken of the woods. i was like, word? why are they called that good sir? well curious young lady with hungry eyes, because their texture is like that of chicken breast! so i bought some. see the chunk on the plate, and below is how they look in the wild:

my grandfather in-law was a mushroom farmer. i never knew him but i wish he was around to share these 'shrooms with. i bet he would've schooled me on their medicinal benefits but google will have to do. apparently, this bunch is good for muscle aches & the immune system. tasty & healthy? what a rare combo for me. bon appetit!

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Tricina said...

John is obsessed with mushrooms. Every fall we pick chanterelles and sometimes, just sometimes, he finds a chicken-of-the-woods patch. He's especially excited to find them because they're not easy to find around here and I'm vegetarian. Yum!