Sunday, 5 April 2009


This weekend I conquered one of my biggest fears: bicycling in London. While the Mister is an avid cyclist--navigating London's complex streets with ease in all types of weather--I prefer to cycle only during holidays in the country where the only traffic are cows crossing. But this weekend the weather was so nice and as we're flat sitting on Warren Street again with a spare bike, I thought I'd brave the lanes and see just how far my good luck would take me. I suited up with a helmet and a bright pink shirt under a neon printed H&M dress. Surely, drivers would see my bright a$$ and steer clear! 

Through Fitzrovia we sped and over to Hyde Park where we indulged in some ice cream and a bit of sun bathing. And here I am alive, all in one piece and happy, much like the characters in Jean-Jacque Sempe's cartoons.

'A Question of Balance' is a box-set of postcards featuring Sempe's illustrations of cyclists in all types of adorable situations. It would make a great gift for a loved one. We have a set dangling on a mobile in our room. 

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