Saturday, 17 January 2009

Favorites: Borough Market

Borough Market is my favorite public outdoor market in London, (second place goes to Marylebone). I am a girl of habit and when I find foods that satisfy my taste, I rarely try anything new. So when I go to Borough Market, I always get the same goods: coffee from Monmouth Coffee, a big hunk of comte cheese, mushroom pate, fresh bread - with rosemary and figs or olives, and a bunch of fruits & veg. People, including moi, queue for miles for tasty Spanish chorizo rolls with peppers and rocket. There's a pretty cathedral nearby where I sit and relax and eat with hundreds of others.

Some days after the market I walk along the River Thames and visit Tate Modern. I'm not a huge fan of modern art (it took me a long time to understand and then come to like Mark Rothko) but I enjoy a lot of the work at Tate. I often take visitors there to see the great view of the city from the cafe.


samimi-extremie said...

dang i'd love to go to have coffee there. great capture kissley!!


Anonymous said...

O yes, yes. The favorite things list... You are like Samantha Brown meets Oprah Winfrey.