Saturday, 15 November 2008

Fitzrovia, Fitzrovia

2nd weekend flat-sitting on Warren Street in an area known as Fitzrovia. The Husband and I spent the day doing things around the neighborhood, giddy with the thought that we were true (but temporary) locals. 

1. An autumnal stroll through Regents Park. There were still a few resilient flowers at Queen Mary's Gardens and quite a lot of fragrant roses - beds and beds of roses with names like 'Belle Epoque', 'Renaissance' and 'Thinking of You.' What would you name a rose? I like the sound of something like  'Shaniqua.' 

2. Oohed and aahhed at colourful fish at the aquarium shop. My favourites: the lazy looking purple tang and the venomous lion fish. Bubble, bubble. Roar. 

3. Mexican Wedding cookies at a bakery/resto called Villandry on Great Portland Street. Dee-licious! I'm going to consult Nigella Lawson about a good recipe. 

4. A bit of childish fun at Pollock's Toy Museum. This charming, old toy shop goes way back - before WWII I believe. I don't really dig kids but I sure dig toys made for kids and fun for adults too - i.e. kaleidoscopes, music boxes, and Pollock's specialty: paper theatres.

5. To end the day we cooked a humble dinner at the flat, played with the moggy Ed and commiserated about the rising costs of real estate. If you think it's bad in America, a 272 square ft. studio flat in this neighborhood and in many parts of London, can set you back, waaay back,  $455,000. Help us, Obama. 

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