Sunday, 26 October 2008

poetry & friends

Dear Literati

Now that autumn has arrived in London, what better way to spend the chilly weekends than at home under the duvet reading poetry? I say, it beats Christmas shopping on Oxford Street - what a dump, fo' reals.

My former writing professor, friend, and award-winning poet Susan Rich has been shortlisted for the Times Literary Supplement Poetry Competition. Vote for her poem Different Places to Pray (selection E) by clicking here. There are eleven other entrants but Susan's is the best. Now, now, don't feel pressured, you can vote for two poems!

Here she is below, with her lovely smile, reading at my favourite bookshop in Seattle, The Elliot Bay Book Company.

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Susan Rich said...

Thank, Kissley,

I am honored to be a subject of your cool new blog. Since the cats don't vote and my family is really just one sister, I have to rely on readers who actually like the poem. Pick me; pick E! is the campaign slogan of the moment, but needs a revision. Good luck with the blog. I love the art work - as to the orange-tinted woman at Elliott Bay Books - I hope her poems are better looking.